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Research & Motion Drafting:

Regardless of whether your motion is in the criminal or civil realm, unKAP-ed Legal, PLLC can provide you a thoroughly researched, persuasively written motion. Click the "civil" or "criminal" button below to order your project completely online. Once you place your order, unless you choose the expedited option, the motion will be completed within five (5) business days and emailed directly to you at the email address provided. Not ready to order online? Give unKAP-ed Legal, PLLC a call today to discuss the pricing, parameters, and depth of your project. At unKAP-ed Legal, PLLC we want to earn your business, and to that end, we are always happy to provide samples of our recent work product upon request.

Legal Experience You Can Count On

After excelling in law school as a research assistant, law review member, federal law clerk intern, and graduating with honors in the top five of her class at Saint Thomas University School of Law, Krysten A. Pogue, the founder of unKAP-ed Legal, PLLC, became an Assistant State Attorney for the Seventeenth Judicial Circuit. While working for the government, Krysten handled misdemeanor cases including: DUI, battery, stalking, possession of cannabis, criminal mischief, and driving offenses; as well as felony level crimes including: burglary, aggravated assault, possession of a firearm by a convicted felon, aggravated battery with a deadly weapon, armed trespassing, felony DUI, and leaving the scene of an accident with serious bodily injury. READ MORE >>