“Any and all attorneys employed by unKAP-ed Legal, PLLC are licensed to practice law exclusively in Florida. By conducting legal research and drafting motions, unKAP-ed Legal, PLLC attorneys are not engaged in the practice of law. Accordingly, each individual consumer-attorney purchasing a motion or research memorandum, agrees that he or she is solely responsible for verifying the content of the motion and all other aspects of representation of his or her client(s). Further, payment for each project shall not be considered a fee sharing agreement or arrangement, and unKAP-ed Legal, PLLC undertakes only to perform legal research and motion drafting on a project by project basis. The on-demand drafting tools being purchased are meant exclusively for licensed attorneys, and purchasing research or writing does not constitute legal representation. If you are not an attorney you are advised not to purchase these services, and to consult with a skilled attorney, licensed in your jurisdiction. In addition, any documents uploaded to unKAP-ed Legal, PLLC for the purposes of drafting and researching a motion or creating a memorandum of law shall be kept confidential by the attorney and shall not be disseminated to any other party for any purpose. The consumer-attorney does not waive attorney-client privilege by submitting such documents, but may consult with their client(s) prior to submitting documents for the purpose of obtaining the services of unKAP-ed Legal, PLLC. Finally, by submitting payment for the services of unKAP-ed Legal, PLLC, the consumer-attorney hereby certifies that the motion being requested is not frivolous, is made in good faith, and is not being requested for the purpose of delay in his or her respective case.”